Facebook SDK available

Via: http://team.silverlight.net/announcement/announcing-the-new-microsoft-sdk-for-facebook-platform/ “Today, as part of our ongoing collaboration with Facebook, we released a very exciting new developer resource: the Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform (http://www.microsoft.com/facebooksdk). This SDK combines the power of Web, client and social technologies to enable millions of developers to transform their imagination into next generation application experiences. We look forward to … Read more

Silverlight Toolkit October Release

A new toolkit release! Some cool drag and drop features: “Other big news for this release is the introduction of comprehensive, WPF-compatible drag-and-drop support for Silverlight! Although this support doesn’t extend outside the web browser (that would require changes to Silverlight itself), it enables full-fidelity drag-and-drop experiences within the browser using the same API that … Read more

Silverlight 3.0 to be released July 10th

Some sites announced that Silverlight 3.0 will be released by the 10th of July. This would be great considering the number of new and improved controls in the runtime. Check out these sites for more info about the control sets and new features: http://timheuer.com/blog/archive/2009/03/18/silverlight-3-whats-new-a-guide.aspx http://www.silverlighthack.com/post/2008/12/11/Silverlight-3-What-we-Know-So-Far-What-We-Can-Predict-(Part-1-of-2).aspx http://silverlight.net/getstarted/silverlight3/default.aspx