[SharePoint Tip] Use Post Built Events in VS 2005 for easy development deployment

SharePoint development and debugging has always been a bit inefficient because of the deployment of the compiled DLL in the SharePoint environment. For deploying in the bin directory, we could simple change the output path in VS 2003 to the bin directory. Each build will automatically be placed in this bin directory. For GAC deployment … Read more

[SharePoint Tip] “Column Limit Exceeded” Message When You Add a New Column to a SharePoint Services List

This behavior occurs when you try to add more columns than your Windows SharePoint Services list supports. There are limits on the number of columns that you can create in a Windows SharePoint Services list. The limits are determined by the column type that you use for the list. For example, you can create 32 … Read more

[SharePoint Tip] Characters that you cannot use in SharePoint sites, folders, and files

Microsoft published a KB article telling which character cannot be used in sitesnames, folders and filenames. This overview can be usefull when creating bulk import scripts, site creation tools or just finding out which charaters caused an upload error 1. In the following scenarios, you cannot use the certain characters in a site name or a … Read more

[SharePoint Tip] Synchronize document libraries with SyncToy 1.0

Fabian Moritz (via Michael Greth) wrote a usefull tip about how to synchronize folders in SharePoint with your local system. The just released free application SyncToy 1.0 has been the trigger for finding out. Very usefull with for example Private Documents in My site in SharePoint. But be aware, when synchronizing SharePoint folders, checked-in documents will be … Read more