SharePoint Branding Limitations

Ex-colleague Diantha van Marion has written some interesting articles about branding limitations in SharePoint. They have been posted on SharePoint Magazine and are certainly worth reading! SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 1 SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 2 SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 3 SharePoint’s Branding Limitations, Part 4.. will be published tomorrow!

Take a sneak peak @ SharePoint 2010

The SharePoint and Office 2010 information is starting to appear on the internet. Check out the video’s and screenshots on the SharePoint site: Some interesting keywords: Ribbon interface Visio Services SharePoint Workspace (aka Groove) Business Connectivity Services Silverlight webparts ..and for developers a great Visual Studio 10 integration

Silverlight 3.0 to be released July 10th

Some sites announced that Silverlight 3.0 will be released by the 10th of July. This would be great considering the number of new and improved controls in the runtime. Check out these sites for more info about the control sets and new features: