Unit testing in SharePoint

Ah unit testing.. every developer says it should be done, but it hardly ever happens, well, in SharePoint development.. Andrew Woodward published an article about basic unit testing in SharePoint. A good starting point for a higher quality solution. Some other interesting related articles about unit testing and SharePoint: http://www.pseale.com/blog/SharePointNotUnitTesting.aspx http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_testing http://blogs.msdn.com/francischeung/archive/2008/08/22/unit-testing-sharepoint-2007-applications.aspx http://blog.chapmanconsulting.ca/2006/02/14/Creating+An+N…

Faceted Search 2.5 released

There is a new release of the MOSS Faceted Search solution available. A summary of the new features: Caching – dramatically improves performance and decreases the load on the search engine Synchronization with Core Search Results web part Support for advanced search Match of search counters Introducing Parent-Child relationships Extending search to logical “OR” queries … Read more