SharePoint 2007 limitations

I’ve had several questions lately about the limitations of SharePoint 2007. Numbers like the maximum document upload size, items per folder per document library and the maximum number of subsites per site collection are figures that must be taken into consideration when making a SharePoint architrecture. There is some good documentation about these boundaries available on TechNet. … Read more

CruiseControl Webparts v1.2

My colleague Stef did some excellent work on the CruiseControl WebParts (v1.2). You can download them, including sources at CodePlex. Also check out the other Tam Tam projects at Codeplex: SharePoint Solutions Management Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 SharePoint SolutionManagement 1.0 SharePoint Logging Screenshot 1 SharePoint Diagnostics 1.0 SharePoint Workflow Activities WWF Short Delay Activity SharePoint … Read more