MOSS 2007: Best Practices when upgrading

Microsoft published a technical whitepaper about the lessons learned upgrading/deploying MOSS 2007 at Microsoft itself. In this situation, the environment is huge, but this document will give you several point to take into consideration. Microsoft IT recommends the following best practices for deployment of an Office SharePoint Server 2007 solution within an enterprise. In some cases, … Read more

SharePoint Document: Transform Your Business With SharePoint Products and Technologies

For download at the Microsoft site: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is a business productivity server that brings information management and access, collaboration, and people-driven processes into the familiar environment where people do their work every day. People benefit from the familiarity and consistency of a single environment for all their information and collaboration tasks … Read more

Calculated Fields in Non-English SharePoint Versions

Using formula’s in non-Engligh SharePoint versions can be a real pain. The functions used are translated so they are ‘understandable’ by the users. In Dutch, for example, functions like ‘IF’ or ‘Today’ should be translated to ‘ALS’ or ‘Vandaag’. Some examples: English: =IF(AND([Column 1]>[Column 2];[Column 1]<[Column 3]);”OK”;”Not OK”) Dutch: =ALS(EN([Kolom 1]>[Kolom 2];[Kolom 1]<[Kolom 3]);”OK”;”Niet OK”) … Read more

64-bit PDF IFilter

The Filter Central blog announces the long awaited 64-bit PDF filter. “Finally we have a 64 bit PDF IFilter – surprisingly the solution is not from Adobe or Microsoft, but from a company called Foxit Software.The IFilter is compatiable with the following Microsoft products: Windows Indexing Service, MSN Desktop Search, Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal … Read more