Connecting Microsoft Office Users to Business Insights

On Microsoft PressPass there is an interview with Lewin Levin, corporate VP for Office Business Applications, about BI at Microsoft. From the interview: “We’re announcing that Microsoft is significantly increasing, aligning and broadening our investments in business intelligence (BI). Office and the Microsoft Office System are going to play a much bigger role. Specifically, we’re … Read more

Deployment and Customization Best Practices for WSS

Microsoft published a whitepaper which provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that IT professionals have about Windows SharePoint Services. The questions and answers will be of specific interest to system architects, implementers and operations staff who have deployed, are deploying or are evaluating the deployment of Windows SharePoint Services in … Read more

Using SPSPredefinedCategories.xml for development, deployment and testing scenario’s

When implementing SharePoint Portal Server, there are cases that you have to create the same portal structure a few times. For example, all the developers need to have the same portal on their development machine, there is a test enviroment or a production enviroment. Then when the portal goes live, you’ll have to create an empy … Read more

Business Scorecard Manager 2005 – MSDN Download

Mark says that Business Scorecard Manager 2005 is available for MSDN Subscribers to download. UPDATE: Some interesting whitepapers about BSM (with thanks to Mauro) Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 CFO White PaperAchieving Compliance and Strategy Execution Using Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 By implementing a Business Scorecard Manager solution, organizations can quickly satisfy … Read more