[SharePoint Tip] Create the ‘Up to portal’ link: the right way!

I’ve been looking at this for an hour, wondering what I did wrong: I’ve created a new SPSite using a site definition. I wanted to connect this SPSite to the portal using the PortalUrl and PortalName properties, so the ‘Up to portal’ link would appear. SPSite newSite = siteCollections.Add(strUrl,strTitle,””,1043,strTemplate,strUserLogin,strUserName,strUserEmail);newSite.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;newSite.PortalName = “My Portal”;newSite.PortalUrl = … Read more

LCS 2005 downloads

Three new LCS 2005 downloads from Microsoft to enhance LCS 2005 applications: Presence Controls for Microsoft Office Communicator 2005 (mentioned earlier)The Presence Controls are designed to provide presence information and real time collaboration options to Microsoft Windows Forms, Web Forms and GUI applications that are based on the Microsoft Win32 application programming interface. The controls … Read more

Microsoft to foster LCS integration into business apps

Via InfoWorld: “Microsoft will try to entice partners and customers to integrate functionality from its enterprise instant messaging (IM) system into their applications when on Thursday the vendor introduces new developer tools. Microsoft will make available for download ActiveX controls and sample code that the company says will simplify the integration of IM and presence … Read more