Using Excel 2003 to Manage Project Sites with Windows SharePoint Services 2003

This document is designed to help solution developers and architects understand how Microsoft Office Excel 2003 can be integrated with back-end systems (in this case Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services) to create powerful client-side applications through which back-end functionality is exposed. In particular, this solution is used by project managers to launch a new Windows SharePoint … Read more

SPSReport: A Utility to Gather Information for Use in Troubleshooting

Via Ryan: “The link below is to download the SPSReport utility, which was created by Mike McIntyre, an Escalation Engineer in PSS, and is used extensively by PSS in troubleshooting customer issues.  SPSReport, which is very similar to PSS MPSReports for other products/technologies, collects a ton of information from the SharePoint Portal Server machine on which … Read more

The high cost of NOT finding information and document management

Via Michiel I ran into an interesting document from IDC (2001) about the costs that can be saved with information worker portals. I know, it’s an old document, but interesting to read and maybe convince customers about the benefits of implementing portals in their organisation. Two examples from this document: A 1000-employee organisation spends about $2.5 million a year searching … Read more

BSU supercomputer receiving overseas incubator.. using SharePoint

Nice story about a virtual business incubator, which will help fledgling and established entrepreneurs collaborate remotely through the incubator’s network, bases on SharePoint Portal Server. “In a small room visible from the campus center, the $1 million supercomputer links 448 computers held on 224 stacked servers, powered by a fridge-sized unit and cooled by full-blast … Read more

Integration Of SharePoint Portal and Content Management Servers

Via Andrew and MicrosoftToday — something which was to be expected and now official. “Microsoft is melding the infrastructure underlying SharePoint Portal Server and Content Management Server (CMS) for the Office 12 wave starting next year. Chris Capossela, group vice president of the companys Information Worker Product Group, recently said to expect more common technologies and integration, … Read more