SharePoint Document Libraries and Property Promotion

Daniel McPherson wrote an article about property promotion in Sharepoint document libraries, giving answers to to following questions: When are properties promoted? When are properties demoted? What document types are supported? What property types are supported? Which properties are supported? How are XML properties handled during “Property Promotion”? Read full article

FabriKam: A Microsoft Office System Solutions Learning Platform

.. is available on the Microsoft site: “In this solutions learning platform, developers at a fictitious enterprise created solutions for common business processes. FabriKam, a furniture manufacturer with about 10,000 employees, faces business problems and challenges not unlike many of today’s enterprises. Starting with a set of realistic infrastructure assumptions, FabriKam developers built six solutions … Read more

SharePoint User Utility 2.1 is now complete

Via Sharepoint Thoughts:   “The purpose of the SharePoint User Utilities (WSSUserUtil and SPSUserUtil) is to assist SharePoint administrators with performing user maintenance activities for SharePoint Products and Technologies (which includes Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003)   New and Improved Features New! –  100% Full Fidelity User Migrations using the new MigrateUser() … Read more