Mike Fitzmaurice’s starts blog

‘The Developer Evangelism Contact within Microsoft for Windows Sharepoint Services and Sharepoint Portal Server’, as Mike Fitzmaurice calls himself, has started a blog to get in toutch with the world of blogging. Goal is to get feedback from the community about Sharepoint and the way Microsoft is communicating to Sharepoint developers.

One reason was a discussion about SmartPart at Patrick Tisseghem’s Blog, in which Mike has posted. Mike’s answer to this:

I replied, and suffered for it almost immediately.  I pointed out that my comments to Patrick were pre-SmartPart, and that what Jan Tielens did was to take all the work I’d mentioned would be required and encapsuate it away so no one else would have to do it.  I then offered an endorsement, and forgot that humor doesn’t translate well to text without careful attention.  It came off as arrogant and dismissive, and for that I apologize.

Good thing Mike! Hope to hear lots of you! 

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