Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Performance Summary

This HP performance whitepaper provides information on performance, configuration, system sizing and best practices for the new 2003 releases of SharePoint Products & Technologies.  These products and prescriptive guidance are part of HP’s collaboration with Microsoft on the Solution Accelerator for Intranets, addressing high availability, enterprise-level requirements for collaboration portal solutions.   Testing was completed on … Read more

Microsoft supplementing SharePoint apps integration

Available at under Microsoft’s “shared source” program is WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) Web Part Toolkit for SharePoint Products and Technologies. Also available via shared source is Web Part Toolkit for SharePoint Products and Technologies for SAP iViews. Shared source differs from open source in that users can access the source code without … Read more

SPS meets MCMS

Sharepoint and Content Management Organisations have found the right product for sharing knowledge and make collaboration happening. Part of this ‘knowledge’ is content that is stored in documents, email and other sources outside Sharepoint. The question I often hear is in what way Sharepoint provides as a content management system for sharing content on an … Read more